April 12, 2011


General Idea chenille “When The Fur Flies” crest at Caviar 20.

No. Yeah. I have serious want for this thing.






April 6, 2011











Take the test.



March 25, 2011











In a profound sense every man has two halves to his being; he is not one person so much as two persons trying to act in unison.  I believe that in the heart of each human being there is something which I can only describe as a “child of darkness” who is equal and complementary to the more obvious “child of light.”  ~Laurens van der Post



Modular pieces in cast concrete define the experience. Brutalist Lamp, José León Cerrillo.



March 18, 2011







Merrill Wagner.

March 10, 2011





These have potentially been blogged to death but yeah, LOVE. By Faux Real. (Available in Portland at Stand Up Comedy.)

March 8, 2011









Ron Gilad.

March 7, 2011










Joel Evey.