I’m Genevieve, a DJ and designer working in Portland Oregon. In the day I work at Wieden+Kennedy in Creative Resources, at night I make stuff and listen to music. In the in between times I dig through other peoples garbage to find treasures. It’s a nice life, and this is my spot to keep all ideas and discoveries in one place.

See my work: here.

Hear some mixes: here. (And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast while you are there!)

Mail: g.dellinger@gmail.com

Tweets: gveeve

5 Responses to “G // D”

  1. stylembe Says:

    Hello Genevieve, I noticed your comment at 2thewalls blog regarding the artist Matthieu Lavanchy. I too love his art and came upon him quite by accident…..through Maurizio Cattelan and his crew’s pilfering of Lavanchy’s work. Here is the link to the thread, http://stylembe.wordpress.com/?s=lavanchy

    Regards, Peter Combe

  2. stylembe Says:

    No prob. His work is very cool and will be posting more soon. Btw – have you been watching Bravo TV’s ‘Work of Art’ ? You may find this post regarding Hanna-Barberic parallels found in episode 6, http://stylembe.wordpress.com/2010/07/15/yabba-dabba-doozy-work-of-art-episode-6/

  3. Ian Says:

    like the site, thanks TYT

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