June 2, 2011





Delta funktionen–mnml ssgs special – Warming up set @ Doornroosje Netherlands for Jeff Mills 22-10-2010.

DF, in his own words:

‘This a 3 hour recording of my warm-up set for Jeff Mills in Doornroosje Nijmegen, The Netherlands (22 Oct 2010). It was probably one of the most difficult gigs I’ve played ’til now, as it was all about timing to bring the set to an end where Jeff Mills could take over from zero. Despite some small fuck ups – probably due to some nerves (and some little resonance..) – I’m very happy with the result. Nowadays it’s pretty rare having an opportunity to play deep stuff like this in The Netherlands. But this was the right night to do so.

Insanely deep, dark, minimal. Currently at the top of my daytime playlists.





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  1. yhbhs Says:

    love the image, love the mix.


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