March 14, 2011



An oldie but still one of my favorites.

Tilted Arc, Richard Serra, 1981.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Beth Says:

    I remember an art history class where we discussed this piece, and there was all kinds of fantastic griping going on about how everyone at this building was frustrated by having to suddenly walk around the piece to get to work (“it takes 5 extra minutes to get into the building! I tell you!”), and that eventually there were drug deals literally happening on the other side of the piece because it was a prominent landmark and shielded them from the eyes of the federal employees inside. So bold! I think my instructor mentioned that Serra thought it was “funny” when asked about it.

    • g/d Says:

      Yeah, the story is actually really sad…it was voted to be dismantled and moved. Serra said the piece was site specific and would be destroyed by assembling it elsewhere. It is lost to the sands of time…

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