February 21, 2011





It’s funny that I insist on thinking of myself as a minimalist when, looking around my house, it is so completely obvious that I am not. Pattern mixing everywhere…


7 Responses to “”

  1. yhbhs Says:

    ha! a minimalist at heart:)

  2. Afton Says:

    good patterns are worth it!

  3. love all those textiles. hot stuff.

  4. Anna Barnard Says:

    bianca beat me to it. radical textiles. what’s the story behind the red, white, blue one?

  5. It’s a woven piece of natural colored raw silk screened on one side with that printed on one side. It’s not very big, maybe a half a yard and about 50 inches wide, it looks to be from the early 60’s. I’ve thought about making a pillow cover or something out of it but haven’t been able to bear cutting into it yet, and besides, it looks awfully nice just draped over the top of the door like that…it’s been there for months now…

  6. natashafiga Says:

    G – I concur wholeheartedly! I wouldn’t be able to cut up that textile either. It is glorious.

  7. kelly Says:

    Hehe, GUILTY.

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