December 25, 2010

Last night we spent a couple of toasty hours down at (the world’s greatest) Clinton Street Records, if you haven’t been, you should go. Jared is a black belt in casually handing you records he thinks you might like and then having them be the best records you’ve ever heard, stuff that you’ll have a crisis trying to decide about which to get, then end up buying them all anyway. I have found many many holy grail records just hangin’ out in the bins, waiting for my grubby paws. How he does it, no one really knows…it’s better to just sit back and enjoy the ride. But! That’s not the point…the point is that M.Quiet played some records for a couple of hours last night while we all sipped some spiced whiskey and ate homemade cookies, it was all of course loosely based on a Christmas-y theme and you can hear the whole thing HERE. It was a lovely Eve, and it’s fun to share if you like that kind of thing.

Happy Christmas gang!


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  1. yhbhs Says:

    thanks for sharing! happy holiday cheer:)

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