December 21, 2010

Cabinet: D&A Lab/Freek Wambacq.

This is the second version of the cabinet D&A Lab realized with Freek Wambacq. The cold stainless steel
surface has been replaced by brass.  Although it kept the exact same shine, the warm colour of brass adds another layer of perception. Where in the first cabinet the hard, cold surface was counterweighted by a velvet olive-green paint, this time the warm surface was combined with a harder anthracite finish on the inside.
Any resemblance to gold is purely unintentional.


Andy: D&A Lab/Gert Verhoeven.

ANDY can be seen as a wig stand that has been enlarged into a sofa. It is an homage to Andy Warhol.
Although Andy Warhol had many different wigs, D&A Lab went for the most iconic one. Each wig is carefully put together with two natural variations of wool, black and white. Although no real hair was used (but sheepskin), the illusion is perfect. The two sattelite disks on the side can be used as armrests and, with calculated precision, will force you in a diva-like position.


D&A Lab.


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