December 19, 2010

My shelves are complete!! We’ve been living with them for a couple of weeks and so far it’s heaven. Still figuring out the ugly cord problem, but it is seriously refreshing to have my books out of basement boxes, to have a shelf dedicated to Living Room Albums, and an awesome spot for our new Steve Powers print that came last week (yay!). Slowly but surely the house is filling with things I made, it’s a good feeling.

You’ve seen these shelves before, here is how to make your own.  I basically followed Morgan’s recipe from start to finish, minus staining my shelves, I like the plain pine and just finished with the same oil finish that I used on my coffee table. It took a couple weeks for me to get from beginning to end, but figuring out the whole deal was actually pretty easy. A million thanks to TBH for sharing her genius!


6 Responses to “”

  1. yhbhs Says:

    wow! it came out perfect! nice job g:)

    you recovered from LE yet?

  2. Oooof barely! But I’ll make it…

  3. Sweet Ronit Says:

    Looks great! Shelf-making, new job, dj-ing – how do you do it? I’m impressed!

  4. Awesome! looks great!

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