December 3, 2010


Tonight, we go to Seattle to see the venerable DJ Sprinkles work some loft party magic. Updates to follow….


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  1. yhbhs Says:

    are u kddding me? so jealous! expecting a F U L L report!

  2. KEEHN4N Says:

    tell us how it was??!

    • So the party was great…it was held in a large beautiful loft space that a friend of mine lives in. The vibe was very relaxed, about 70 people came which filled the space really nicely. He (he is currently living as a male) started very deep and minimal…really my kind of stuff. The sound in the space was a little off, it is pretty large and the speakers are all quite directional, so that you really are only hearing the speaker you happen to be in front of. You’re not really getting the full room experience that I really love, but the music was good. After about an hour he switched to some pretty breaky, jungley stuff…just really, really not my cup of tea at all. There were some interesting things happening in the set but for the most part I wasn’t really compelled to dance, and I think the rest of the room agreed. At about 3:30 or 4:00 he switched back to the deeper minimal stuff, playing some tracks from Midtown 120 Blues, and it sounded so great. By then though it was a little bit of a too little too late kind of thing and most people were starting to trickle out.

      I think the most interesting thing for me about the night is that I have this idea of Terre Thaemlitz as a very opinionated, strong personality, and that really came through in the DJ-ing. There was very much an agenda of tracks that were going to get played, with little to no regard to the crowd response. It felt like he was very much performing something, not interested in engaging as a entertainer. He was technically really good, and fun to watch. I’m super glad I went and feel lucky to have caught such a rare bird!! Wish all you guys could have been there!!

  3. yhbhs Says:

    perhaps a future limited edition. im just sayin girl….

    • I would hope so!! We were asked to split this booking and have him here in Portland as well, but he’s really expensive!!! And sometimes it is really nice to just show up and have a good time, you know? 🙂

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