November 17, 2010

I have a confession…I have been keeping secrets. Starting the Monday after Thanksgiving, I will officially be An Ad Man.

Which is also not maybe entirely true. I will be the assistant to the Creative Manager and the Creative Recuiter at Wieden+Kennedy, I don’t know what you would call that, does that make me An Ad Man? Let’s say it’s the A.C.M/C.R. and I am really…yeah, REALLY excited for this job. It has been a long road. This came out of the blue after a long, long wait, and I am ready to dive in. Sorry for the ads everyone, I will do my part to help keep them so damn good. Onwards, to 2011!


9 Responses to “”

  1. yhbhsm Says:

    secret is out!

    so happy for you. can’t wait to get a tour of that building! do they allow photographs? 🙂

  2. afton Says:

    fuck yeah! you deserve it! and i owe you a drink.

  3. kate Says:

    Wieden+Kennedy, that’s huge! Congrats!!

  4. Thanks you guys…I am actually much, much more excited than I am letting on. Except maybe to David, to whom I gushed like crazy the other day. And yes, tours and photos! But that means you have to come visit me…;)

  5. Oh and I forgot to say that the best part is that I will be within spitball distance to Dickbird’s desk! HOLLER INDEED.

  6. natashafiga Says:

    You waited long enough…… I am so happy for you!

  7. sally Says:

    Congrats Genevieve!

  8. matt rolu Says:

    i spent some time in the ad world. a place called fallon. we were always competing with w+k. congrats! hope you dig!

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