October 29, 2010

Here’s what I did with those hairpin legs I scored a few weeks ago.

New coffee table! I went simple and straightforward…I’m no master craftsman and my tools are limited. I had a pine plank sawed in half, sweetly asked one of the guys at my work to sand it down for me, then brought it home and finished it with Land Ark all natural oil finish. It’s the oil we use on our furniture at work, and it’s great low VOC, easy application stuff. A little oil, a little Howard’s Feed N Wax, a little 600 grit sandpaper and I have a silky smooth tabletop with sexy legs.  Bingo!


6 Responses to “”

  1. kate Says:

    Wow, so awesome. I’d love to see a photo tour of your place, I’m really into what’s going on with your fireplace back there!

  2. natashafiga Says:

    G- i love the piece over the fireplace!

  3. Scott Says:

    I love making tables, my jam has been more music studio and workbench oriented though. I love me a metal hobby horse, but I’ve gotta try to find some hairpins.

  4. You can always get ’em from this guy if you don’t find any in thrift land!! http://hairpinlegs.com/

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