October 29, 2010

“I’m not a bitch, I just play one on TV.”

Well said, lady! Last night I joined 100 or so other Gretchen fans for the Project Runway finale. What fun it was! Gretchen took some serious abuse as the MUCH disliked villain this season, but she’s been my friend for a long time.  I’ve known her since the very beginning of her designing career, and it’s been exciting to see her come so far. She has worked so hard for it, and ain’t no hate mail gonna stand in her way. Tee-vee is weird stuff.

Congrats on your victory my friend, looking forward to what the future holds. Onward!


2 Responses to “”

  1. I just followed a link from F/F to here.

    She was unfairly maligned, for sure. I don’t know her in real life, but I like how she is both uncompromising and thoughtful. Unfortunately, that sort of personality doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter “likable” mold required for reality TV. I sure hope her friends rally around her, because it must be difficult to be America’s Villian no matter how confident someone is!

    • It’s true, I’m sure it must be hard, but she is handling it with grace. In any case I hope that in time all the hullabaloo will fall away and she can get back to making good work and being creative, this time with a little more money and exposure. I wish her luck and think she did a great job!

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