October 27, 2010

It’s been awhile…since July? Really? Um, okay well…the world’s laziest DJs (that’s us, Linger and Quiet, nice to meet you) have a new mix up. It’s a Halloween special and it’s really scary so watch out!! I’m busy making my costume and listening to it right now, and getting really excited for Halloween. This year we are teaming up with some of our favorite bands in Portland who will be scoring Japanese classic Hausu. If you have not seen this movie, you are in for a treat! Psychotronic schoolgirl horror including but not limited to; floating heads, disembodied dancing fingers playing a piano and of course, weird witchy plotlines that never really quite get wrapped up. It’s good stuff! We will be playing some dance tunes after, so plan to come early and stay late.

Check out the Halloween mix on my music blog, over here. And come out to Holocene for fun times on the 31st! COSTUMES STRONGLY PREFERRED.


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  1. Sweet Ronit Says:

    Awesome mix! I listened to it yesterday while working on the ears for my Catwoman costume (Julie Newmar’s 1966 version). Though I couldn’t help getting up and moving during the especially groovy parts. Happy Halloween!

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