September 26, 2010

A major project is finally, finally, FINALLY 99% complete. I have been working with Scott and Jarkko at Holocene, Ryan Lingard of PMcKean Architecture, and Kari Merkl of merkled over the last 6 months (or more?) on a major overhaul of the large stage in the second room of the club. Kari and Ryan have the technical know how and have some serious plans in the works for room remodel, and now Phase 1, my part, has been hung! A few minor tweaks and we are there, but on Friday we got the panels hung. They are 9 panels of canvas, at about 11 feet apiece, me in my living room amongst all that fabric was kind of hilarious.  Together we designed the massive panels to hang behind the stage, with the main function to act as a screen to hide the sound buffering material that will be hung behind. I wanted to grab some photos of the hanging process but it was a crazy rush to get everything  up on Friday, and I missed the chance, but here is a decent photo of Warpaint playing in front of my curtains. Really sharp photos coming soon, plus more documentation of the transformation of the room…really excited for both a sound transformation and an aesthetic one, I really am so lucky to get to work with such a great team of people on such cool projects!!


6 Responses to “”

  1. Scott Goodwin Says:

    YES. Looking good and it will cut the harsh reflectionzzz in that room.

  2. Sweet Ronit Says:

    Beautiful! That room was needing…something. I’m curious to hear the difference in sound quality, once that part’s done.

  3. […] shots, while finishing up those darn curtains. These suckers are huge and hard to get to get good pictures of, not to mention they look totally […]

  4. molly Says:

    it’s the kind of big ass, background, but beautifying project we all long for.

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