September 7, 2010

So, that went well.

Last night 35 lucky people crammed into a tiny loft space in industrial Southeast Portland for a full night of killer dance music provided by one of my very favorite DJs (coincidentally also one of my very favorite people) Jan Krueger (HelloRepeat, Berlin). Jan was here in Portland just over a year ago where we recorded his now legendary Dayshift mix, and we have been plotting since then to have him back. The party marked the kickoff of a new night we are calling Limited Edition, a party with the focus centered on a single DJ to play long sets for a small group of people, giving everyone a chance to have an intimate experience with the music into the wee hours. Last night’s fun ran from midnight to 8 am, with nearly all 35 people sticking around and busting their moves on the dancefloor until the very end. Putting this party together was nothing short of a group effort and a huge thank you has to go out to all involved. Thank you thank you THANK YOU everyone for a truly truly magical experience.

We will most definitely be doing more of these events in the future. If you would like to be added to the mailing list to be informed of upcoming bookings please send an email to


4 Responses to “”

  1. "The Man Without A Passport" Says:

    Thanks for the magical time!!!! I really can’t wait for the next round (with the passport on my chest)!!!!

    Love, Jan

  2. yhbhs Says:

    giving serious good dance.

    you inspire me!

  3. […] super soon. At the beginning of September was our first of this series of all night dance, remember this? To add to the excitement, the Craigslist gods smiled upon us and bequeathed a massive pair of […]

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